Canada aims for pot legalization in 2017

Canada is moving to legitimize pot in 2017, however don’t anticipate that it will end up being another Amsterdam for Americans wanting to get a legitimate high right over the northern fringe.

Budding aspirations for pot legalization

Health Canada has received nearly 300 applications from companies wanting to provide medical marijuana now, but with budding aspirations for when the federal government legalized weed. Robin Gill reports.

Canada’s First Mobile Cannabis Clinic

Canadians will soon have a chance to access medical marijuana recommendations via a Mobile Cannabis Clinic that will be making its way through the country starting June 6th of this year.

Pharmacists want to dispense medical marijuana

Canadian pharmacists say dispensing medical marijuana through pharmacies would serve patients better.

Canada to detect and deter drug-impaired driving

Test detects presence of THC but does not provide a level of intoxication. The reason for doobie’s platform is to prevent consumers of marijuana to drive under the influence.

Legal Age for consumption of Marijuana

The legalization of cannabis has numerous Canadians pondering what the legal age of having or smoking marijuana will be. As of late at a meeting with liberal gathering individuals, Justin Trudeau has declared that the legitimate age for ownership of or smoking pot is 24 years of age crosswise over Canada in each region. This may appear…

Years later, Recreational marijuana use in Washington

According to the website, pot shops in the state can take in anywhere from US $5,000 to $50,000 a day. The overall scope of the business is growing,” Chad Champagne, owner of 420 said. The green rush happening in Washington state is proving to be a boon for both business owners and the state….

Mobile Cannabis Clinic in Canada

Canadians are not fond of waiting 3- 4 days in order to receive their marijuana by mail-delivery. Tilray – a legal cannabis grower based in Nanaimo, B.C. – hits the road today with its Mobile Cannabis Clinic. The doctor’s-office-on-wheels will be rolling through western and central Canada until Aug. 10, said Philippe Lucas, VP of…

Canadian Liberal Government to deal with driving impaired

As the Canadian Government proceeds with legalizing marijuana for medical and recreational use next spring, the Liberal government is promising to handle the issue of driving impaired, which civil servants say could spike extensively if pot gets to be legal. The legalization of marijuana could lead to a significant increase in drug-impaired driving cases” That’s why it’s…

Canada to allow medical marijuana users to grow their own pot

As of August 24, 2016, Canadian medical marijuana users will be allowed to plant their own pot. People who have authorization from a health care practitioner can access medical cannabis: From licensed mail-order producers. By applying to Health Canada to produce a limited personal amount Or by designating someone else to produce it. Health Canada…