Canadian Liberal Government to deal with driving impaired

As the Canadian Government proceeds with legalizing marijuana for medical and recreational use next spring, the Liberal government is promising to handle the issue of driving impaired, which civil servants say could spike extensively if pot gets to be legal.

The legalization of marijuana could lead to a significant increase in drug-impaired driving cases

That’s why it’s so important to do the work upfront to educate Canadians and to provide law enforcement and the justice system with the tools they need to control that illegal behaviour on our roadways,” has said Liberal MP Bill Blair, who is the Liberals’ point man on marijuana legalization.

It’s very difficult to identify and to prove a level of impairment by marijuana,” Blair said.

“We have good tools for alcohol. We do not currently have good tools for cannabis.”

In the province of Quebec, provincial police say they are satisfied with the current system — a patrol officer arrests someone who is believed to be intoxicated and another officer, trained in drug recognition, does a more extensive test.