Guiding Principles of Canada’s Weed Legalization

Given the complexity of the issues, the Task Force set out a series of guiding principles and values that they see as important building blocks for our recommendations. The following principles and values have been validated throughout our consultations:

  • Protection of public health and safety as the primary goal of the new regulatory framework, which includes minimizing harms and maximizing benefits;
  • Compassion for vulnerable members of society and patients who rely on access to cannabis for medical purposes;
  • Fairness in avoiding disproportionate or unjustified burdens to particular groups or members of society and in avoiding barriers to participation in the new framework;
  • Collaboration in the design, implementation, and evaluation of the new framework, including communication and collaboration among all levels of government and with members of the international community;
  • Commitment to evidence-informed policy and to research, innovation, and knowledge exchange;
  • Flexibility in implementing the new framework, acknowledging that there is much we do not know and much that we will learn over time.