Task Force Releases Final Report on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation

Dispensary distribution

While the proposed distribution by LCBO and Alcohol distribution mechanisms set in place in Canada, such crown corporations have lobbied strong in favour of selling Cannabis though such front stores, however the Task Force has recommended that marijuana and liquor not be sold at the same place where alcohol or tobacco are sold.

Limits location storefronts in proximity to schools

The Task Force has also limited the number of dispensaries (and storefronts) in a certain area, especially around schools. Hence the recommendation has also suggested that such dispensaries distribute via the Mail System. On another note, many have complained of the time and reliability of mailing marijuana through Canada Post, as several disruptions have occurred in 2016.

Consumption in dedicated areas

On another note, some recommendation to allow consumers to smoke and consume marijuana and edibles in controlled environments, such as Cannabis Lounges. Encouraging Canadian entrepreneurs to venture in such new opportunities. Restaurants have also showed interest.

Overall this is great news for Canadian entrepreneurs who wish to enter this market, valued at 8 Billion dollars.

We believe doobie fits perfectly in the recommendations of the Task Force, especially the delivery  and ease of access to marijuana in Canada.